The 9” bowls are symmetrical and 2” deep, 10" bowls are 2" deep and slightly off-center, 15" bowls have a 6" base.

  • Jewel Bowl


    12" square deep transparent bowls in various colors.

    Jewel Bowl
  • Yellow Retro Reverse Bowl

    images/servingware/bowls/yellow retro reverse.jpg


    Yellow Retro Reverse Bowl
  • Retro Yellow Bowl

    images/servingware/bowls/retro yellow.jpg


    Retro Yellow Bowl
  • Black and White Polka Dots Bowl

    images/servingware/bowls/black and white polka dots.jpg


    Black and White Polka Dots Bowl
  • Blue Polka Dots Bowl

    images/servingware/bowls/blue polka dots.jpg


    Blue Polka Dots Bowl
  • Grape Retro Reverse Bowl

    images/servingware/bowls/grape retro reverse.jpg


    Grape Retro Reverse Bowl
  • Green Retro Reverse Bowl

    images/servingware/bowls/green retro reverse.jpg


    Green Retro Reverse Bowl
  • Yellow Retro Reverse Bowl

    images/servingware/bowls/yellow retro reverse.jpg


    Yellow Retro Reverse Bowl
  • Retro Green Bowl

    images/servingware/bowls/retro green.jpg


    Retro Green Bowl
  • Retro Red Reverse Bowl

    images/servingware/bowls/retro red reverse.jpg


    Retro Red Reverse Bowl
  • Retro Red Bowl

    images/servingware/bowls/retro red.jpg


    Retro Red Bowl
  • Chopsticks Bowl


    10" or 15" bowl available in tangerine with black chopsticks, white with moss green chopsticks, white with black chopsticks and black with red chopsticks.

    Chopsticks Bowl
  • M & M Bowl


    Spotted 10" or 15" large bowl available in red, amazon and pastel green, medium and cobalt blue, yellow, orange and marigold.

    M & M Bowl
  • Huckleberry Bowl


    15" Fruit or salad bowl.

    Huckleberry Bowl
  • Southwest Bowl


    Southwest 10" bowl, 2" deep asymmetrical.

    Southwest Bowl
  • Southwest Series


    Southwest Series – chopsticks bowl, classic southwest bowl and tray.

    Southwest Series
  • Asymmetrical Amber Bowls


    Asymmetrical amber bowls 12".

    Asymmetrical Amber Bowls
  • Large Amber Bowl


    Large amber serving bowl 15".

    Large Amber Bowl
  • Large Lemon Bowl


    Large lemon yellow white rimmed bowl with flowers and dragonfly 15".

    Large Lemon Bowl
  • Lemon Lime Bowl


    Lemon and lime bowls 15".

    Lemon Lime Bowl
  • Transparent Bronze Square Bowl


    Transparent bronze deep square bowl 12".

    Transparent Bronze Square Bowl
  • Three Toned Sand Bowl


    Three toned sand bowl with black base 12" square deep bowl.

    Three Toned Sand Bowl