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Pastel Green

Amazon Green

Medium Blue

Colbalt Blue

Mariner Blue


Sunflower Yellow

Moss Green




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We have taken great care to present our glass, in digital form, as true to actual color as possible. However, computer monitors vary widely, and one color may not appear identical from one monitor to the next. The following information is provided to help you replicate original colors, as accurately as your monitor will allow.

  1. Set your monitor to 16-bit (thousands of colors), or 24-bit (millions of colors) color. Eight-bit (256 colors) will result in grainy images. If 16 or 24-bit color doesn't seem to be an option with your equipment, you may need to install additional video ram (VRAM) or a graphics card. Check your computer and monitor user's guides for information.

  2. Most monitors are calibrated at the factory to optimize crispness of text, not color accuracy. The result is a "bluish white," rather than a neutral one. To display color accurately, you need to calibrate your monitor to eliminate color cast in the display. Many computer/monitor set-ups come with monitor calibration software. Most color graphics programs include monitor calibration software. If neither of these are available to you, countless third-party programs are available -- off the shelf, or as freeware or shareware, that will work with your equipment. You will achieve the most accurate color replication in our web page by calibrating your monitor as follows:
  • Gamma: Set to standard Gamma value of 1.8.

  • White Point: Set to D50 (5000 degrees Kelvin), or seek to achieve a neutral white.

  • Ambient Light: Follow instructions included with you calibration software to adjust for ambient light.

  • Brightness & Contrast: Changes to these settings will impact color. Higher brightness settings will create more washed-out colors.

With a carefully calibrated monitor, our digital glass images are surprisingly accurate. But keep in mind, no representation of glass color can ever be as true as the glass itself.