Sizes are 6 to 10 inches.

  • Black Streaky Vase

    images/servingware/vases/black streaky vase.jpg


    Black Streaky Vase
  • Blue Vase

    images/servingware/vases/blue vase.jpg


    Blue Vase
  • Grey Vase

    images/servingware/vases/grey vase.jpg


    Grey Vase
  • Ming Vase

    images/servingware/vases/ming vase.jpg


    Ming Vase
  • Orange Vase

    images/servingware/vases/orange vase.jpg


    Orange Vase
  • Turquoise Vase

    images/servingware/vases/turquoise vase.jpg


    Turquoise Vase
  • Clear with Green Vase

    images/servingware/vases/vase clear with green.jpg


    Clear with Green Vase